College Prep
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FAQ, Tips & Tricks

● How do I manage my friend list?
Go to your profile screen, and tap the
button in the 'Friends' section to edit the list. Friends are picked up from your phone's contacts.
● How do I update my name, grade etc.?
Go to your profile screen, and tap the first
button in the top section. You may tap the thumbnail icon to attach a profile picture. Your grade is used to customize the college admission plan shown in the app.
● What information can my friends see?
The college insights or feedback that you send to a friend will be shown to him/her tagged with your name/nickname. No other information is shared. Your friend can not see who else was listed when you picked him/her for a feedback.
● Why do I need a phone number and allow access to contacts?
College Prep uses your phone number to identify you, and let your friends send college insights or feedback to you. Your phone number is never shared with other users. The app needs access to your phone's contacts to show you a friend list for sharing.
● Why do I need to allow notifications?
The app needs this permission so that it can deliver early notifications for college admission tasks and deadlines.
● Should I use my real name?
Always use your full real name or a nickname that your friends can identify. Don't use fake names, impersonate someone or create multiple accounts. In case of violation, your account may be revoked. If someone else is impersonating you, please report it to for a resolution.
● Some general tips:
Long-press text items to edit text. Swipe items left to see the delete option.
● What is your privacy policy?
At College Prep, the protection and the confidentiality of your data is top priority.
Please see our Privacy Policy for complete details.
● Will I lose data if I switch device or reinstall the app?
Install the College Prep app on the new device and recover your account using the same phone number. The app will automatically retrieve previously backed up data. Your College Prep data is backed up daily.
● Is College Prep app really free?
Yes, it is free, and there are no ads. Just the way busy high schoolers want it!
● Are there ads in the College Prep app?
College Prep app is ad free. The college planning section does contain external content links (marked with ) that open separately in the Safari browser. These external pages may contain ads.
● Whom do I contact for assistance?
Please use the contact form here to reach out to us, or you may email us at Do mention the mobile phone number you signed up with for quicker assistance.
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